Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sisterhood of the Blogging Sisters SBS10

HI TO ALL THE LADIES OF SBS10!!  This is my 'official' welcome to you all, I know some of you have already stopped by my blog, and I was ashamed that I hadn't yet welcomed you all.    I've also stopped by some of your blogs, and am amazed & excited by what I've seen.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you all more as we share cards & ideas.  It's so cool being able to connect with you on the other side of the world, and to share our creativity. 

I also live in New Plymouth, 45 minutes from Mount Egmont/Taranaki, and 10 minutes from the beach.  I love where we live!   Where else in the world could you surf & ski in the same day??  I'm a SAHM, with 3 boys, and a great husband, who is so incredibly supportive of me while I'm stamping, and making a mess - even when there's 'just leftovers again tonight honey' for dinner.  Three nights in a row??!!  I've been a Stampin' Up! Demo since it hit NZ in April 2007, and have loved it more than I can imagine!  I must say, I'm addicted!  Have met some of the most wonderful women, and consider so many of them friends now.  Well, I'm off to my sister's house this morning (it's 6.30am at the mo) for our annual garage sale (yard sale??) to get rid of some of the clutter we have at home.  Hopefully! 

So thanks for the opportunity to share, and I'll be talking to you all again soon, no doubt!

Here's  a pic of my 3 boys.  It was taken a while ago (my eldest son turns 10 in a week) but it's probably my favourite, as they all look like they're really having fun.  Blake (9), Mason (7) and Riley (5)




crazy4mycrafts said...

How about a pic of you! :) It would be so nice for us to see you! Hugs from your SBS sis Sarah

Michelle said...

Aawww Gee Sarah, I'm shy!! Will find one somewhere - you know how it goes - always behind the camera... Leave it to me!

Thanks for your comments!
Michelle 8-)

crazy4mycrafts said...

question for you... Is it summer for you? You can email me back.. .. SBS10 Sarah