Sunday, January 20, 2008

... if you have the right shoes!!

Ok, so Sharlene, I know I'm supposed to be getting dinner organised for tonight, but obviously got carried away looking at blogs (including which is just so fab!) and found this card, which obviously the lady who made it (who doesn't know me from a block of cheese) is going to send it to me, because who else would appreciate a card with this sentiment??  Those of you who know me will understand, as my shoe collection is a source of much amusement to my friends.  And, what's wrong with owning that many shoes, and yes, they do look better in shoe boxes with the photos attached to them.  That way you can remember what shoes you've got!!

Anyway, shoes are cheaper than therapy, so there's the best reason yet to buy shoes.  I think I'd even give up chocolate for shoes.  I think.

This card and others can be found on

Have a fab day - guess we'll be having sausages & bread for the bbq now huh?


Trudi said...

Hey Michelle
Thought I'd be the first to welcome you to SBS10. Thanks for the email - pioneer woman is a very cool site - I'll be spending a lot of time there I think and now i'm saving for a camera like hers - only $10,000!

Michelle said...

Gee, only $10,000, I'll take two thanks! I WISH!! Thanks for the welcome, and the info on SBS10. Will be doing something with it tomorrow. Xtra connection seems incredibly slow tonight, and I'm just about going crazy, so will give up & try again tomorrow. Hope you got lots of stamping done today and sleeping) Nite!