Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I thought I would entice you (hopefully!) to my $2 cards that is on this Thursday from 6pm.  Here's a peep at one of the five cards that you will be able to make.

Spring Bouquet Dazzling 001

OK, I know that the flowers are obviously planted on a hill, and slowly sinking from left to right, but at least that proves I'm human, right??   Hope you can see the dazzles that are on the flowers - they sure are pretty!

I have been kind of tied up for the past couple of days, doing pretty normal stuff, including taking our three boys for a hike with my Mum that was probably about 5km long, but it has frustrated me immensly that I haven't had time to stamp, and have been so tired at night that I haven't wanted to stay up late, so tonight I'm going to finish preparing for $2 cards, and get all my ideas finalised for Friday night's class - 10-10-20, using Natural Beauty.   There's still a couple of spaces for both, so if you want to come along, phone or email me tomorrow to make sure I've got enough card cut for you.


My three 'little ducks' have been going at it for the last couple of days - making me both laugh and want to run away and hide in the fridge!  The conversation I overheard when I was hiding in the bathroom, goes like this :

The scene : Mason & Riley are playing in the rumpus room, where there is a large ranch slider door which has just been sprayed by the pest man for flies, and they have been told not to touch the windows.   Kate, the labrador, goes up to the window and puts her nose on it...

Mason : Oh Riley, Kate's put her nose on the window, quick, get the camera and take some photos of her, because she's going to die soon from the poison.

Riley : Oh no!  I put my fingers on the window too, so quick, take some photos of me too.

The outcome : 52 photos on my digital camera of dog & Riley, on their last legs! (That was yesterday)

boys pics of kate 048 boys pics of kate 003 boys pics of kate 008


Had to laugh!  Do you notice (on the blurry photo taken by my 5yr old of Mason & Kate) that at least the bed is made???!!!  I removed a huge box of 'stuff' off Mason's floor, and told him he wouldn't be able to have it back until he had shown me that he could look after his  bedroom better.  Hmmm, wonder if it will stay like that for long.

Goodnight, and see some of you on Thursday!


Trudi said...

Thanks for sharing - I had a good laugh when i got home from work. See u Thursday

crazykiwi67 said...

Hilarious what these boys get up to. Hope to see them on Thursday, too. Luv Sibylle