Saturday, January 19, 2008

Natural Beauty 10-10-20 Class

Hey there everyone.  This is my second attempt at this blog post.  The first one somehow has disappeared, while I went off tiki-touring of other blog sites to get some info, so here's the basic entry anyway!

Hey there to Jacqui (thanks sooo much for showing me your very cool card - you are just AMAZING :)) and to KIM, who took the honour of hostessing my first workshop for the year.  Thanks ladies - you're so lovely!

After an exhilerating $2 cards on Thursday night, with loads and loads of women stamping, chatting, eating, chatting, eating, stamping...  then a lovely quiet night one-on-one with a delightful lady last night, I'm all stamped out.  Was intending to make a magic card tonight, but sleep needs me more.  Here's some pics though, for all you patient ladies who have been checking out my blog, and finding it unchanged for two days!!  (I KNOW!!!)  Did you see, we've hit the 1000 mark.  So very exciting for me - people are actually reading this.   Hello to you ladies from today's workshop - I know that you read it, AND don't leave me messages, but hey, it's so cool that you're looking anyway.  Feel free to continue to lurk on my blog commentless (is that even a word???)

These are some of the cards we made last night, for the 10-10-20 class - using the same set to make 10 different cards, that supposedly take about 10 minutes each to make.  Hmmm.  Still working on that part of the equation.

Enjoy!  I'll go back tomorrow and let you know who I CASEd some of these from - that's why my computer freaked out before, so I'm not risking it happening again.



10 10 20 card 3 002

10-10-20 card 8 001 Possibly my favourite!

10-10-20 Card 87 002 10 10 20 Card 5 001


Hey there Stuck On Stamping demos - if you check out our blog, you will find the rest of the photos, if you would like project planners with exact details of colours etc, then email me, and I'll send them to you!


Trudi said...

Hey Michelle
Thanks for your comments on my blog. Love these cards, I know what I'll be doing after my sleep today. By the way I'm typing this and it's 4.50am, so I won't be seeing you at Church today.

Michelle said...

Hey there Trudi - shame! I saw Bella & Baylee (with her straight hair!!!) with Tarsh. She said that you would be sleeping. Hope it was good, and you have lots of time to play now. Did you see the card that was inspired by your Burgandy Beauty?? Thanks!!
p.s I really LOVE your photos - did I tell you that??

Sara Frawley said...

I think my favorite is the white one with the sentiment & butterfly in the middle... simplicity is often the most beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
SBS10 hugs!