Friday, January 11, 2008

Quote for the Week.

Ok ladies, so I know it started out as a quote for the day, but hey, even I get busy sometimes!  Hopefully these quotes will sometimes inspire or encourage you, sometimes make you smile, and sometimes give you an idea for a scrapbook page.  This quote was found on a link from a frequently visited website :

"Liberate yourself from household chores: Have children!"

Hope you all have a great day - it seems that my darling husband is taking two of our children away with him for a day's painting!  Yay.  A nice quiet day to get lots done.    Hmmm, maybe I'll even make up some lists for the kid's chores!


And, just to confirm that other women think like me, I'd also like to post a quote from a brand new blog I've looked at this morning :
"Well, the holiday season will do just about any woman in, in and of itself, UKWIM? Of course you do. Well, OK, I take that back. If you're a woman, you do. *wink* All this past week, I've had to shake the Christmas Coma off, while my children and husband have been on Winter Break from school, and home (OK, so that means "underfoot") . . . "Mom, we're outta' cereal!", "Honey, can you help me create basketball jerseys for the team? We need them by Friday. Oh, that's tomorrow, by the way . . . ", "What's for lunch?", "What's for dinner?", "Did you wash my practice shorts yet, and where's all the clean underwear?", "Mom, I'm bored . . . "

Having the family around during *my* work day(s) is rather like being pecked to death by a duck . . ."
Oh, this woman sooo knows how I feel! Check out Julie's blog sometime if you can get the children off the computer.


crazykiwi67 said...

Hi Michelle, I've been reading your blog for ages and always meant to leave a comment for you but never got around setting up my google account. Now, all kids are asleep at the moment, so thought I better use this rare moment. Love your blog by the way and looking forward to catching up next week for the card making session.
Luv Sibylle

Michelle said...

Awww, thanks Sibylle!! How lovely, all kids asleep at 6.40pm! I remember those days too.
You enjoy them. Hope you are getting lots of stamping done.
Catch you at $2 cards.
Take care

crazykiwi67 said...

Hi Michelle,
Don't think the time came up correctly, I posted this at some stage in the afternoon, all kids having their afternoon nap. And, unfortunately, this didn't last very long either, so didn't really get anything done. Well, have to wait for my "me-Tuesday" now :-)


crazykiwi67 said...

Yep, time is about 3 hours fast, I posted this at 4:25 pm

Trudi said...

Hey me again it's taken me three days to figure out what UKWIM stands for.