Thursday, February 19, 2009

6x6 Calendar Page

Good morning!   I've just completed another (yes, just the one!) 6x6 page for my Nana's calendar.  These pages are so quick - once you decide what to do!   A little confession - this is actually the February page.  You see, it seems my Nana lost the calendar somehow during January, and when I talked to my Aunty who lives nearby, and asked her to stick the next page on for February, she told me that she didn't think the calendar was there.  Hmmm.  What to do...  So, I asked her to have a hunt for it, otherwise I wouldn't send more pages for the calendar.  It wasn't 'til part way through February that the calendar was found, and of course that was just my busiest week, so here it is - 9 days to go for February, and I've just completed the page.  I'll send up Feb & March together so at least she can enjoy two new photos at once.














I have used Ruby Red, Brilliant Blue & Sahara Sand cardstock, with the Urban West Rub-ons.  Of course, the photo of my lovely little Riley is another of my favourites - taken at the Kindy Trike-A-Thon in 2005.  Do you think I'm just a LITTLE behind on my scrapbooking??

Enjoy your day!



Lisa said...

Cute page! I have a confession ... I've had one of the SU desk calendars for a while, a while long enough that for my husband's last TWO birthdays I've meant to do the pages and give it to him for his desk at work ... maybe this September I'll finally have it done! AND ... I was pulling out photos from Josh's Kindy Trikathon the other day ... he's nearly 15yo now! LOLOL

Now, I bet all that made you feel less guilty ;)

Loved your camp project too - you're doing some lovely things :)

INKcredible Girl said...

you really do have the cutest little men!! Almost enough to make me want one!

Sharlene Meyer said...

Great page, Michelle! Nice colour combo!