Friday, February 6, 2009

KWerner Colour Inspiration #40


Once again I have to thank Nancy for the inspiration for the layout of this card.  You can check out Nancy Riley's card yourself.


Kristina gave us some tough colours today, but seeing as Taken with Teal is my least favourite colour, I knew I HAD to do it!  Seeing as I didn't get around to stamping at all today, due to unexpectedly having ALL of our boys go away at lunch time for the night (or 2), we found lots of other things to do.  Like cleaning out the garage.  Playing Ping Pong.  Washing the dog.  Playing Ping Pong.  Going to the park to hear some guy singing about Seven Spanish Angels!  And of course getting yummy gourmet burgers for tea.  The joy of being childless - just for a night!  Tomorrow we are planning to go to the movies.  Might as well make the most of it, right!  BTW - I do sometimes beat DH at ping pong.  It's our new fav thing to do, as we're both really competitive, and I love to win.  I usually only win when I fire the ball as hard as I can at DH's bare chest (he gets hot when he plays!) so he's ouching around, then quickly get the spare ball, and serve it while he's still hopping around!   Poor guy - he doesn't have a chance, does he?!

AND - something exciting for you to check out - Jacqui, one of my lovely customers & friends, has started her own blog!  Jacqui is super talented, and is always bringing in some amazing creations that she has come up with, so I'm so excited that she is finally sharing these with the blogging world!  Check out Jacqui's BLOG and give her a warm welcome! 

Hope you've had a wonderful day!



Rachael Knight said...

Wow Michelle! Isn't it great to have the scallop punch to do scalloped mats with? Love that! I've been meaning to congratulate you on becoming the new NZ Dream Team member for UStamp too. Way to go!

Shawntel said...

Your card is wonderful! I love all the scallops! It is great you took on the challenge even though teal was not your favorite color, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card Michelle!

Hayley said...

WOW stunning card

Savitri said...

Very pretty card!!! Love the design idea!

Lisa said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Michelle :)

Don't you love those bonus kid free times, love them all dearly, but the break is always nice too :)

Your card looks great!

Anonymous said...

HI ya Love this card!. I need to get some tips off you about how to use the scollop edge punch. Yours looks perfect and I just cant get mine to line up properly. Have a great weekend.

Nancy Riley said...

WOW Michelle! I love it with the challenge colors! Nice job!

Amber said...

Very nice card, love the colours, I can't wait to earn that stamp set from SAB