Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whew ~ I made it!

Sorry that I've been a little quiet on the blogging front - I've been CRAZY busy with things that have absolutely sucked up my time until the wee hours every night this week.   In two days I went to the dentist, the physio & the hairdresser (for 3 hours...!) so feel like a new person.  Tired, but new!  It's a great feeling, being so busy, but loving what you are doing.  Our first stamp club this morning was just wonderful.  We completed our card organisers (I've got photos, but am just to tired to upload them all right now) and they all looked amazing!  Well done to all of you, and WELCOME to Sheryl - you did a fabulous job of your box!  $2 cards tonight was lots of fun with some very entertaining ladies  (Hi JJ!).  Here are two of the cards we made.


This card was inspired by a card that Helen made, and kindly showed me this morning.  Hers was made in Purely Pomegranate, but it was a very cool card, so I decided to case her - THANKS!


And this card was cased from Alisa Tilsner - a very talented Aussie Demo.  I LOVE this card - it's super cute, and quick - so just PERFECT for me to keep on hand for those boys birthdays. 

Sorry - I know I haven't got my watermark on these - I have done all that, but do you think I can get the lovely things to upload tonight - NO, I can't.  Of course!  So here are the unedited versions.  I'll be back tomorrow with the pictures from the card boxes.

Have a great night



Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Thanks, class was fun. I love the concept of stamping onto patterned paper, you could do this with lots of stamps, also a nice alternative to watercolouring!

wanda box said...

Hi Michelle,
your cards from your class look great, I like the idea of $@ card workshop. thanks fro stopping by my blog.