Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have been stamping, BUT...

LEAVE A COMMENT!!!   Yes You!   It's so lovely to see that people are visiting my blog, but, if you like my projects, then LEAVE A COMMENT!!   I've had no comments for some time now, and you kinda wonder if everyone hates what you've made.... so go ahead - "Make My Day"!   Now that I've got that off my chest...

Good morning everyone!   Just to let you all know that I HAVE been stamping - flat out in fact - but nothing that I can show you right now.  I've been making projects for U Stamp (a very very cool wine charm box, plus a magazine card holder) that you really would LOVE.  If you want to join up, then it's not to late.  Just click HERE to go through to the U Stamp blogsite, and click on "buy now".  It's super simple, and there are already a whole heap of projects to get you stamping right away.  By the end of the week I'll have my U Stamp bundle out, so even if you haven't joined up to U Stamp (and I don't know WHY you wouldn't!) then you can purchase the bundle at a great price, so check that out later in the week.  Also, I've been tweaking my Stamp Camp project.   Here's a peep for you of the projects we are making.  They're super-cool, and I'm really looking forward to a day of stamping without interruptions!   Give me a call if you are still debating coming along - we've got a couple of spaces still available, but we need to know by Sunday at the latest.

P2010010  Stamp Camp projects   Stamp Camp projects Nadine

I am having some "play time" this morning, stamping just for fun, so I'll have some things to show you later!

Enjoy your day!



Ilse Vargas said...

I got your blog through UStamp, I'm in Canada, though, and I'm also a demo :)
But you do very nice things!

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle! I'm notoriously bad at looking and not leaving comments (I was just as bad with my stitching blogs!) ... but I'm always looking and admiring - I'm trying hard to do better this year :)

Trudi said...

These look very cool. Hope your watermark is working ok.

Michelle said...

Hello to the lovely "anonymous" commentor - sorry that you're obviously having a bad day. I hope it improves for you in spite of the unkind comment you have made.