Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines Heart Box

I finished it tonight. Just. OK, so it wasn't actually what I was supposed to be making, but my computer was going sooo slow, and I really got a little sick of it, so went off on a tangent, and ended up finding this very cool box HERE on Lyn Put's blog. Very cute! I changed the measurements to centimetres, just to make it easier, and created the scalloped strip for the handle with the scallop edge punch. I also threaded my ribbon through the holes in the side of the hearts I used the Polka Dot Punches FREE Sale-A-Brations set, and gold embossed them. I'll be handing out copies of the template for this at our Stamp Camp NEXT SATURDAY (you just have one day left to register).



This is what my flattened template looked like. I traced the heart shapes onto the base to make it stronger, then stamped, embossed & cut out four more hearts and glued them over the red heart bases. Seemed to work well.

Well - it's been a great day, but all 3 boys are back home now. We had a little boy phone home at 8pm to say he wanted to come home. That was fine, but we had another little boy phone home at 10pm to say he also wanted to come home. They were staying at their Nanny's house, and usually LOVE it, but got a touch of home sickness I'd say. Late night, and a full-on day in the sun wouldn't have helped. The only stink part was it's a 30 minute drive each way to Nanny's house! Anyway - all boys asleep, and we made the most of a childless 24 hours, which was just wonderful. The movie today seemed a little bizzare to start, but I must admit I was crying by the end, and had to work hard to get some control when the lights came back on. A good movie - makes you think. It was called Seven Pounds, with Will Smith.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Anonymous said...

OMG I totally love this box. I will definately have to make this in one of my classes. You are just to clever!

Anna Sutherland said...

What a great idea. I like it. Well done.

Lynn said...

Your heart box turned out so pretty! I love how you used the heart from the Polka Dot Punches set and the scallop handle is a great idea!