Saturday, February 9, 2008


76_lg Good afternoon everyone!   I'm so pleased - we've had ducks & ducklings here since we moved in.  They all just arrive on our lawn before we wake up, and wake to be fed, then wander on to their next stop for the day, up the road.  A month ago, they all disappeared, and I must admit, I've missed them.  Not their poop, or their quacking at 5.30am outside my bedroom ranchslider, but I've missed them all the same.  This morning there were 9, all waddling as fast as their little legs would take them right up our driveway.  They ate everything in site, their little feet making this funny sound, slapping against the smooth driveway in the funniest way as they race to get the bread that's thrown out.  Such a nice way to start a Saturday.  Thought I must share a photo with you of our last batch of ducklings - started out with 11 ducklings, but then there were none - courtesy of the neighbour's cat (whom we got into trouble with this morning, as our dog decided to chase the cat, much to the neighbour's disgust!)

Will be posting again later today with some cards, but until then, take care!

OK, so these aren't REALLY our ducks - but the pic is funny huh?   THESE are our ducks...  they are sooo sweet!   I'm sure they tasted good too.  LOL

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Rochelle W said...

Awwwww... so cute. All I have in my yard is stray cats that poop all over. LOL You are so lucky.
Rochelle SBS10