Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tagged by Lastel!

Hey there - I've been tagged - think i just need to answer these questions!   Thanks Lastel.   Check out Lastel's blog here

1. Stamping Style:  A little bit modern - love the bright colours, rather than subtles&#
2. Inspiration: Other blogs, especially my SBS10 Sistahs!
3. Color:  I'm a chocolate chip girl.
4. Work Space: Mainly in my small office - which is in a constant state of "before" for a "before & after" photo!
5. Perfect day: Sleep 'til 8am, brought in breakfast in bed by gorgeous Maori man, with wonderful smile, who makes GREAT scrambled eggs & coffee (Oh, gee, that would be my DH!).  Watch breakfast news and not have to make anyone else's breakfast or lunches for school.  Kiss adorable children off to school without having to growl at any of them, and not have to rush back to school to drop off the book/homework/togs that have been forgotten.  Check emails & a few blogs before heading off to a great game of squash (which naturally I would win!), then off to lunch, looking like someone who has NOT just played a game of squash and rushed through a shower/hairdry in order to get to lunch on time!  Lunch would be with girlfriends that I met with on Friday (my horrible horrible day) who cheer me up, have me laughing, and forgetting that I'm apparently the worst mother in the world!  Afternoon would be... hmmm.... shopping for clothes that fit me perfectly, having my afternoon coffee in the sun at home, then collecting darling children from school, who all do their homework, and help me  their father cook a delicious dinner.  I would then stay at home with DH for a wonderful chick flick, glass of wine, and of course chocolate, before heading to bed this side of midnight, with the same handsome Maori guy! 
6. First Job: In Highschool, I worked at the local supermarket during school holidays & a couple of days after school.
7. Wildest dream:   See answer # 5! 
8. Ink:  Is this colour??   Only use SU inks, so have to be Chocolate Chip, or Rose Red
9. Family: My gorgeous Maori guy from Question 5, and three boys, Blake, Mason & Riley   
10. Beverage: I love a half strength caramel latte, and Lindaeur Fraise (not together
11. Biggest Challenge: Trying to fit everything into every day that I want/need to do.

Thanks Lastel - this has actually been a lot of fun!   I Tag Trudi, Tracey & Megan!  Look forward to seeing your responses.


crazykiwi67 said...

Hi Michelle, I just admire how you fit all these things into one day. I know it's the decription of a PERFECT DAY but you always seem to do all these things everyday. I find it hard to find time for just a little bit of stamping in between juggling my kids, let alone a game of squash. The last one I had must have been 4 years ago with you (I think I won back then?!?! - at least sometimes :-)
Have a great day!

Michelle said...

Hey there Sibylle!! Can't remember if it was my turn or your turn to win the last time we played, but remember it was a real laugh! Miss playing you - hurry back!!
Hope girls are all well - give them a big cuddle for me. Will catch up with you all soon hopefully!
Take care. Michelle