Sunday, February 24, 2008

Take 10 Cards & Pay It Forward

As promised, here's the posting for today!   Three of the cards we made at Heartfelt Thanks Take 10 class.$2 Cards Feb 007$2 Cards Feb 009 $2 Cards Feb 008


The cards were all different, and we made two of each, so we have one to keep, and one to give away...  Yesterday I got a wonderful surprise given to me - An origami box filled with FIVE chocolate Hershey's Kisses.  Yes, only FIVE - I asked myself if the giver of the box may have eaten the rest of the bag, and I'm presuming that's what happened, as my husband has only had one, seeing as there were only FIVE in the first place!  {WINK WINK}   This gift is from the delightful Trudi ( - my downline, and inspirer!   Trudi's style is just beautiful, and this box is no exception - gorgeous colours, and made to perfection.  Thanks so much Trudi - It was such a lovely gift.  The reason why I got this gift is "Pay It Forward" - if you haven't see the movie then rent it,  because it's very good!  The idea is that three people will be chosen from everyone who leaves a message on this  blog posting (NZ residents only sorry!), and they will get a gift from me - just like I did from Trudi!   Instead of paying it back to the person who's given to you, we Pay It Forward - you must have a blog so you to can give to someone who leaves a message on your blog.  I'll give you all 'til Friday 29th February to leave your messages, and then I'll number you all, and randomly select a winner!    Good luck, and good night!

$2 Cards Feb 001

$2 Cards Feb 005

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Trudi said...

And if you all check my blog there's photographic proof that the box was full!! lol
glad you enjoyed them Michelle.