Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eat a FROG for breakfast!

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

         -Mark Twain

How cool is that?!   Yes, I know, it's not stamping related, and I STILL haven't finished my card organiser, but I'm not feeling at all guilty about it.  SORRY!  I've just had a wonderful evening with my Sister, and others from the SOS team (First Level).  Very cool - laughing, talking & sharing funny stories.  Mostly about kids, of course!   Then I got home, intending to post something, but got a little carried away looking at other people's blogs, and being amazed by how creative people are.  You know, I don't feel creative at all.  I LOVE making things, but don't feel I got the creative gene - I can just copy, change & occasionally come up with something totally new that surprises me.  It doesn't mean I don't enjoy it, but sometimes I WISH I was really clever, creatively speaking!  Anyway, back to the blogs - I checked out Sarah Klass's Blog, and found the post on 2nd January, that really spoke to me.  Funny - it seems like a long time ago, but the middle of last year, I had the same feelings - everything was spinning a little to fast for me to try and keep up with, and I felt overwhelmed at just the idea of getting out of bed, let alone making lunches or breakfast.   Simplify! That's what I had to do - and stop beating myself up for not doing everything I thought I should be doing, and actually stop doing some things that just were not important.   It was great to read of Sarah's feelings, made me feel better in a funny way.  Odd huh!?   Anyway, just wanted to start off the year saying that if any of you feel a little overwhelmed, or anxious about things then check out Sarah's posting - she's listed some other blogs & books that helped her, and I know that I could have done with something like this when I was feeling really stink.  Thanks Sarah - for your honesty and open-ness.  It will help lots of other people, and I wish you the very best to come this year. 

Have a great night, and you may see a post from me sometime really soon.  Maybe.

Take care, and if you're still reading, THANKS for sticking with my rambling.


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sarah_j_k said...

Hey Michelle, Thanks so much for your comment on my blog about this post and also for referring to it here :) The blogs that I found in the process of simplifying (and I truly just stumbled upon them at JUST the right time - isn't it AMAZING when that happens?!) have really helped in my simplification journey. I have another one for you - A recent post of hers is about finding happiness right now rather than waiting for some point in the future when you have reached some certain goal or other. I just LOVED the part about celebrating small victories just for the fun of it "Didn't burn dinner? Clearly you ROCK" That one spoke LOUDLY to me and made me smile :)
Thanks again :)

S x