Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's your frog??

OK, so I've been thinking a lot.  What's my "FROG", i.e the worst job I have to do.    I think it's either making phone calls (don't know WHY, but I always put it off, whether it's just to book a hair appointment, or call back someone), or making dinner.  Probably making dinner.  Yesterday however, I decided first thing what I'd be having, and planned my day around getting it sorted out.  We were having snapper (thanks to some voucher we had received from the school gala day), so even though it was looking black, likely to rain very soon, I bundled the boys, bikes & dog into the car and went off to the foreshore, parked the car down by the fish shop, and started our biking/walking/skateboarding excursion that I was tying in with our outing to the fish shop to get dinner sorted.  Well, we arrived at our turn around point, and it started bucketing down.  Two boys were on bikes, so I told them to bike back to the car, and one boy on a skateboard, and me & the dog just ran as fast as my legs could go, and got back to the car pretty wet.  Never mind, we were well on our way to getting the fish.  Stopped outside the fish shop, only to see they are closed on Mondays.  UNBELIEVABLE!!  How could this happen on my first organised dinner day??  So, dinner was rescued by my DH who suggested I bake a slab of the ham we had in the fridge.  It was AMAZING!!   EVERYONE loved dinner, including me.  So, I'm well on the way to being organised.  TODAY we will go back to the fish shop for our snapper.  Now.... how to cook it!  

Onto some stamping stuff...  If you haven't seen Makeesha's blog today, then check out her tutorial for an envelope gift card holder, using the 5-in-1 envelope template.  It's super cool, and I'm going to make one of them NOW.  I'll post it for you after lunch.

BTW - what number (from yesterday's post) best describes the most frequent word used in your house?  I've decided that in our house it's number 4 "Go Ahead", (aka "Sure.")  Last used when my DH had been gone from the house for 2 hours, playing squash, and the guy he played text ME to ask if they could stop for "a quick beer"!!!   Couldn't believe it when one hour later he arrives home, and couldn't work out why I was cross.  I had answered "sure", thinking, they'll read between the lines and say "gee, she's not happy, so I'd better go straight home, seeing as I KNOW she's had a horrific day with OUR children".  NO.  They didn't read it that way, and interpreted my "sure" as "absolutely darling, that would be the perfect end to your lovely excursion out".   Makeesha said hers is "whatever" - what's yours??

Enjoy your Tuesday - talk to you later!



Trudi said...

That's hard choosing a frog, cause there's not a lot of housework I enjoy, maybe cleaning the bathroom, I always put it off. And the word most commonly used would be 'in a minute' cause the girls are always asking stuff when I'm in the middle of something. BTW - we had fish for tea last night and it was delicious!

Leonie Schroder said...

Michelle ... I had to read your post and so glad I did! I hate ringing people too - not sure what it is or why we are so afraid of it. I loved your dinner story too - sounds so much like me! Thanks also for your lovely comment on my blog - much appreciated. Have a great tuesday!